Toshiba Defends against Dubious Drones

Akihabara News (Tokyo) — Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation announced that it will be forming an alliance with US-based Fortem Technologies, investing US$15 million into the counter-drone company.

Fortem is a drone security company best known for its SkyDome System, which is described in a press release as “a highly accurate drone detection solution based on Fortem TrueView radars that are easy to install and effective in urban environments. Also part of the system, Fortem DroneHunter is an AI-enabled autonomous drone that can safely capture and remove rogue drones day and night.”

Rogue drones are seen as a potential threat to airspace safety.

Toshiba has also developed and commercialized drone detection technology that uses radio waves to determine the direction and altitude of the flying machines.

The joint agreement seeks to “combine the disruptive innovation of [the] AI-enabled Fortem SkyDome System with the depth of Toshiba’s commercial drone RF detection expertise and advanced radar technology.”

The companies will integrate technologies to offer stratified counter-drone services and expand sales worldwide in a shared network.

Fortem CEO Timothy Bean explains that the partnership “brings added confidence to security professionals who must secure the airspace above their venues, campuses and metro regions.”

On the other end of the deal, Toshiba Infrastructure Vice President Masaki Haruyama said, “We are excited to partner with Fortem, a pioneering counter-drone solution provider with a proven detection system and unique and highly effective interception system. Toshiba has a long history of providing leading technologies of radars. With the perfectly complementary technologies and products of the two companies, we are confident that we can become a global top-tier player in a rapidly growing market, and contribute to safer, more reliable facilities.”

Toshiba has set a goal of earning ¥30 billion (US$280 million) in annual sales in the counter-drone security business by FY2030.

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