A Cambrian Moment -

...and one of those is on a map.
China, with the world’s 2nd-largest economy, is mentioned 7 times with occasional allusion, and America, still way up top with a GDP roughly twice that of China, is mentioned outright 15 times and referenced again and again.

Reno J. Tibke - January 11, 2014

JTFF - Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! -

This week, well, they say dancing around screaming “I TOLD YOU SO!” isn’t very polite, but we will because SCHAFT Robotics' co-founder publicly declared J-startup culture moribund and is building his own investment fund, Nintendo pwned some patent trolls, and maybe, just maybe, SONY LIVES!

• • •

Reno J. Tibke - December 14, 2013

IE-KMD Venture Day Tokyo -
Japanese VC & startup culture is itself a very long-tailed startup; the product and revenue model are obvious, and in this case, the investment, marketing, and incubating were handled by the IE Business School, the Keio University Graduate School of Media & Design, and J-Seed Ventures. It went like this: