Solar digital watch, Alpinist, will be released from Seiko's sports watch series called "Seiko Prospects" on March 8. Alpinist was created under the supervision of alpinist, Mr. Gota Miura.


Seiko is going to release 9 new models of solar atomic watches that include skin-care "Comfotex titanium" technology as standard from their "Seiko Brightz" series. 6 models are ¥126,000 and the remaining 3 models are ¥105,000.

"Comfotex titanium" is a new spec that applies Seiko's unique technology to the material and surface treatment for comfort improvement. These new watches are light, metallic allergy-friendly and hard to harm your skin. It has a luxurious design combining the best comfort and coolness.


Reno J. Tibke - September 07, 2013

Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! -

This week it's Seiko’s 100-year wristwatch anniversary celebrated with huge sales in India, Japanese & American cancer killers hook up, and Japan and Qatar are going to get all kindsa cozy with the desalination, wastewater treatment, stadium