Skeletonics at Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013 -

In addition to our exclusive close-up footage of Team Skeletonics' human-powered exoskeleton, luckily we also collected a few wide angle and close-up stills. Yeah, we've kinda been fawning over Skeletonics of late. But for good reason: you won't believe what they're working on.

Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013 -

Maker Faire: Tokyo 2013 wrapped up over the weekend, and while it was mostly Team Skeletonics' giant human-powered exoskeleton that held our attention, there were a few other items of interest - here's a bite-sized gallery with a few notions of what we encountered.

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Reno J. Tibke - October 08, 2013

The Ladies & Gentlemen of CEATEC 2013 -

A long, long time ago the proverbial Mad Men realized that, no matter what you sell, propping up a pretty human being next to the product moves the product.

CEATEC 2013 - Biggest Players Gallery -

CEATEC 2013 went dark on Saturday; exhibitors packed up, fans both mainstream and ultra-dorky moved on, and now it’s nothing but cleanup and write-up.