Reno J. Tibke - April 05, 2014

JTFF - Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! -

This week it’s all about a European pharmaceutical packaging company opening a huge new facility in Japan. Thereafter, it's not about much of anything. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, the future is just ferociously mundane. You could go back and read last week's JTFF, because we really had our righteously indignant (and totally correct and justified) snark on. 

AYGO - J-Playful? -

Smallish, economy cars - the A-segment - are often one associated with youth, playfulness and fun. With performance and accessories often kept to the Spartan side of things across the market, styling is one place where makers can set themselves apart from the competition.

Toyota Europe’s upcoming AYGO takes a specific tack:

HAL Suit Goes German! -
Tsukuba City-based Cyberdyne, Inc.’s HAL suit has reached a number of milestones this year, and with news last week that the device received third-party approval from Germany-based certification agency TÜV Rheinland, it's time for the cybernetic prosthetic to go international.