DAIMAOU - G.G-B - September 25, 2013

Not sure if this will be the next big thing at the office but you have to admit that there is some merit to behind the idea of a giant mousepad! With a total space of 800mm×500mm Donya's new DN-10107 has been designed for people that can't manage to work on the average sized mousepad and turned your workspace in a huge playground for your tiny little mouse!
Only available on Donya’s online store at 1,299 Yen the DN-10107 is also available in a smaller version (600x300) at just 799 yen.

Ever wanted to turn your iPhone into a Camcorder look-alike? Well guess what! Shanghai Donya has just what you need with their latest product the DN-84841. Slide your iPhone into Donya’s latest “Grip” and you will have a rather nice little grip that will turn your iPhone into a Camcorder with direct access to your iPhone camera operating buttons for a perfect experience!

The DN-84841 is unfortunately only sold in Japan and cost just around 1,999 Yen!