audio-technica is going to release new headphone model "ATH-UN1" for about 9,000 yen on November 14.

ATH-UN1 weighs only 58g (without a cable) so that your neck or shoulders won't get tired so easily when you place it around your neck.

audio-technica is going to release new headphones with fluffy earmuffs - ATH-FW55 - on October 17.

ATH-FW55 is designed for girls. Since the earmuffs are big, they make the user's face smaller, which Japanese girls consider attractive and care a lot about.

The item will be produced in limited quantity. 

New closed-dynamic headphones model - ATH-S600 - will go on sale on July 18th as a new model of the audio-technica's headphones S series.

S series models are entry-level headphones intended for people who buys headphones for the first time.

audio-technica is going to release 2 models of new earphones that have a newly developed mechanism DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS for the first time in the world.

ATH-CKR9 (¥32,400) and ATH-CKR10 (¥43,200) will be released on April 25.


From audio-technica's headphone "S" series, 5 new models will be out on October 18.

It's a Bluetooth compliant overhead type headphone with a φ40mm driver. It comes with a detachable cord that has a controller & microphone for smartphones. A maximum of 8 devices can be paired up at the same time.

Price: Open price
Color: Black