1Seg TV Tuner


I-O Data is releasing the wireless One-seg tuner "SEG CLIP mobile GV-SC500/AI2", which allows you to watch or record One-seg programs wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Android devices that are incompatible with One-seg. The wireless LAN communication distance is 8m and it can continuously run for 4 hours.

To start watching a TV show with your One-seg incompatible device anywhere you want, simply install the free application "SegClip" to the device.

Price: ¥10,600
Size: W85 x H41 x L11mm
Weight: 50g


DAIMAOU - G.G-B - August 18, 2013

Addicted to Japanese TV Show? Own an iPhone 5 or iPad Mini? Then you will be thrilled to know that Sanwa Supply announced in Japan its latest wonder with the 400-1SG002! Sold at around 8,000 Yen, the 400-1SG002 is a compact Lightning 1Seg TV Tuner that will not only let you watch shows on your iOS thingy but also reacord them on the go!