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SoftBank is an internet and telecommunications group led by the charismatic Masayoshi Son. As an investment company, SoftBank achieved a 9-times return on invested capital. SoftBank succeeded to turn around the Japan’s third largest mobile operator, acquired in 2006 from Vodafone, and recently acquired SPRINT. SoftBank aims to be Number 1 on global telecommunications with a 30 year plan.

This market research analyses the SoftBank Group, corporate strategy, investments, acquisitions, financial results and market share data.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
    SoftBank "setting Japan’s telecom sector on fire"
    SoftBank overview
  • Masayoshi Son
  • Softbank – 30 year vision and DNA for growth during the next 300 years
    30 year vision
  • The time-machine company, investments
    overview of major investments, and investment results, ROI
    Group structure, business segments
    Willcom (bankruptcy administration)
    Wireless City Planning
  • Financials:
    annual and quarterly sales,
    operational and net profits,
  • SoftBank Mobile
    Spectrum licenses
    base station, deployment for different spectrum bands, repeaters and boosters
    Market position: ARPU, market share, market share growth, the number portability battle
    Prepaid market
    Positioning the new consumer brand
  • Softbank, Yahoo BB and the DSL market
  • Telegram market
  • Summary
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