Location based mobile services in Japan

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Japan introduced the world’s first mobile location based service (LBS), and the world’s first mobile phones with GPS (satellite Global Positioning) in 2001. Today 90% of Japan’s mobile phones are equiped with GPS, and augmented satellite positioning can achieve 3 cm (1 inch) resolution. It is estimated that associated location based services will become a US$ 12 billion/year business. This report gives an overview of Japan’s location based services for mobile phones.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary: Location based mobile services in Japan
  • Geospatial information systems (GIS) and global positiong systems (GPS) in Japan
    Legal and regulatory basis for Japan’s geo-spatial information utilization and location based services
    Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)
    Table comparing Japan’s QZSS navigation satellite system with those of USA, EU, Russia, India, China
    Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) and Michibiki
    Advancing GPS to 3cm (1 inch) resultion
  • Position determination and global positioning systems (GPS) for Japan’s mobile phones
    Determining the position of a mobile phone
    Accuracy of location determination (table comparing GPS, triangulation and cell position)
    GPS in Japan’s mobile phones (table showing historic development)
    DoCoMo’s first mobile phone with GPS
  • Position determination for emergency calls from Japan’s mobile phones
    Emergency calls in Japan (Table showing statistical data for 2002)
    Number of emergency calls in Japan (Table showing emergency call statists for total number of calls and for calls from mobile phones for 1993 – 2002)
    Ambulance, emergency service response time for emergency calls (Table showing emergency call response time for 1994 – 2004)
    Accuracy of location determination (table comparing accurace of location information and methods for GPS, triangulation and determination from cell position
    Development trends
  • Emergency calls as a business opportunity
    Private companies offering emergency call services
  • Location determination as an accessory / API
  • Market size estimations
  • The main types of LBS
  • Position determination for child safety
    Child location and child safety services (table showing overview of several commercial child safety services based on GPS)
    Where are my kids? Where is my grandfather and my grandmother?
    Willcom Iruka service
    Railway ticket gates to track kids via a mobile phone
  • Where are my friends?
    Where do I get home from here?
  • How to I get from A to B? Norikae annai (trip planning, transfer information), "Total Navigation"
    Naviwalk – navigation for walking
    3D navigation for walking
    Navigation with train travel
  • Norikae-annai. Trip planning sites on the official i-Mode menu
    To plan a trip
  • How to I get from A to B? Navitime: Naviwalk – total navigation
    EZ-Naviwalk – navigation for walking
    Navitime top menu
    3D navigation for walking
    Navigation with train travel
    Norikae annay example: from Tokyo to Osaka’s Miyako-Hotel
    Pricing information
  • How to I get from A to B? Navitime: train travel informaiton by Sakutto-norikae
    GPS for JAVA applications
    Ekitan Sakutto Norikae
  • Eco-navigation
  • Location based services on i-Mode
    The i-mode eco system
    Information for daily life on the i-Mode menu
  • DoCoMo’s i-Area services
    i-Area’s business model
    i-Area top page today and now
    Evolution of the i-Area top page over the years
    Schematic outlines of services
    User perspective
    Listing and overview of services offered
    Business plans, trends and developments
  • Google maps on DoCoMo
  • Business-to-business (B2B) applications
    KDDI’s GPS map service
    iGPS cargo
    DoCoMo’s location based service development kit
    SAP and KDDI LBS cooperation
    Location based wireless services for revenue control
  • Goopa and other travel related location based services
    Outline of goopa
    Other train travel related location based services
  • Selected companies in the sector – location based services for mobile phones
    Digital map companies
    Navigation service companies
    Location information from Wifi networks
  • GPS based games, location games
    GPS assisted social SNS augmented reality company
    GPS travel game, location based game and location based advertising and travel stimulation
  • Summary
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