Japan market intelligence reports

Since 1997, our company has worked on 100s of market research and analysis projects. Recent market research projects include Japan’s mobile phone base station market, specialized electronic components, cloud based customer relationship management software services. Contact us if you need any information or market intelligence in technology areas.

We also produce a series of multi-client market research reports which we sell online here as pdf-files. Major corporations (telecom operators, handset makers, IC-makers, software companies, investment banks and investment funds), Universities, and Government agencies from all over the world purchase Eurotechnology market reports, including also about 10 foreign Embassies in Tokyo.

Our market research reports can be purchased from our online store by clicking the links to the reports in the list below, or:

Archived reports for online purchase and immediate download

We maintain some archived reports for online purchase, which include:

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Archived reports and reports for prior art research, and other historic research

We have been documenting aspects of Japan’s technology sector since about 1984, and have been preparing regular technology market research reports since approx. 1997, including the origin of Japan’s mobile internet, and telecommunications sector.

We have assisted Attorneys and lawyers from US, Europe and Japan as experts, and are ready to help.

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