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This report gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of Japan’s US$ 350 billion media industry, including newspapers, TV, manga, characters, anime, and advertising markets.
Japan is the world’s second largest media market, and Japan drives innovation in many areas – for example in mobile digital TV.
Japan continues to create new trends and many new entertainment and art forms are created in Japan: Karaoke was invented in Japan, and more recently "keitai novels" novels and literature written on mobile phones for mobile phones.
This report presents an overview and analysis of most areas of Japan’s vast and very innovative media sector, as well as introducing keitai novels and other inventions from Japan.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary: Japan’s Media
  • Japan’s Media: overview and trends
    Japan’s Media: overview (graphics of market size for different segments of Japan’s media markets, data for 1996 – 2006)
    Media landscape overview

    Recent trends
  • Advertising
    Graphics showing segmentation of Japan’s advertising industry (data for 1997 – 2006)
    Japan’s advertising companies (Graphics of top 20 advertising agencies)
    Dentsu and Recruit: Company profiles, and annual revenue, operating profits and net profits, (graphics for the period 2001-2009)
    Recruit Hot Pepper, business model demonstration and analysis
  • Newspapers
    Japans newspaper markets
    Newspaper circulation, penetration (tables)
    Comparing newspaper circulation for Japan and UK for top ranking newspapers (table)
    Market size, newspaper segment size, (graphics with income data for 1993-2007)
    Advertising market size for the top media groups (advertising budget information for TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio)
    Newspaper distribution model with examples
    Japan’s five national newspapers – profiles: Yomiuri Shinbun, Mainichi Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun, Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Nikkei), and Sankei
  • Magazines
    Japans magazine market
    Images of distribution channels: convenience stores, book stores
    Circulation data for several top selling magzines
    Comparing circulation of top five Japanese business magazines with top ranking US business magazines
    Manga, with examples, demonstrations, quantitative circulation data
  • TV and radio
    Markets and industry overview, figures showing TV industry structure and landscape
    Market size and segmentation (data for 1996-2006)
    TV landscape with graphics
    Financial results of Japan’s TV media groups: annual revenues, annual operating income, annual net income and annual operating margins (graphics for 1998-2009 period)
    Viewer numbers for the top six TV networks (data 1999-2006)
    Fuji TV and TBS TV headquarters
    Recent M&A and takeover issues, and resulting restructuring
    Profils of the top six national TV networks with financial data and ownership:
    Fuji Television Network and Fuji Media Holdings (including discussion of the effect of the Livedoor takeover battle)
    Nippon Television Network Corporation
    Tokyo Broadcasting System TBS (including discussion of Rakuten takeover battle and resulting restructuring>
    TV Asahi
    TV Tokyo Corporation
  • Cable TV
    Cable industry size (graphics: 1996 – 2006)
  • Satellite TV: BC and CS
    Cable industry size (graphics: 1996 – 2006)
  • Digital terrestrial mobile TV "OneSeg"
    Cable industry size (graphics: 1996 – 2006)
  • Radio
    Size of AM and FM radio industry (figure with data 1996 – 2006)
    Structure of Japan’s radio industry (table)
    unlicensed Packet Radio via mobile phone IP connection
  • Japan’s telecom industry
    Landscape schematics
  • Manga, Animation and characters
    Manga books, periodicals and animation (market segmentation, data for 1996-2006)
    Charcter goods market (1996 – 2005)
    Popularity of top characters
  • Japans movie industry
    data for movies, video rental and video sales (1996 – 2006)
  • Music and Mobile music
    Music and mobile music market size (data for 1994 to 2003)
  • Karaoke
    Karaoke overview
    Market statistics (data for 1998-2003)
  • eBooks, manga and literature for mobile phones
    Mobile literature – a new branch of art
    eBooks and manga for mobile phones
  • Games
    Graphics of game market landscape
  • Japan’s media markets: Summary
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