Japan’s energy sector

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Japan’s electricity companies earn about US$ 200 billion annually in revenues, and until the Fukushima nuclear accident about 30% of energy was generated by nuclear power plants, which are currently almost all switched off. Japan’s energy sector undergoes rapid change and presents large opportunities – subscribe to this report series, and you will periodically receive updates.

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Table of Contents:

Japan’s electrical energy landscape
Executive Summary: Japan’s electrical energy landscape

Japan’s national energy strategy plan: "Innovative Energy and Environmental Strategy” released by Japan’s Cabinet on September 14, 2012
1.1 Realizing a nuclear free society one day earlier than possible – three principles
1.2 Realizing a nuclear free society one day earlier than possible – five policies
1.3 Realizing a nuclear free society one day earlier than possible – path verification
2. Implementing the green energy revolution
2.1 Reduce electricity/energy consumption
2.2 Renewable energy: large scale introduction, renewable energy targets (image)
3. Guaranteeing a stable energy supply
4. Electrical power system reform
5. Realization of global warming counter measures
Cabine decision of Sept 19, 2012

Japan’s primary energy supply and self-sufficiency
Primary energy statistics
Japan’s oil, gas (LPG and LNG), coal imports (by value in Japanese YEN, 1988-2012, with projection for full Financial Year 2012, ending March 31, 2013)

Electricity generation:
generation capacity,
electricity generated, and
effect of the Fukushima disaster

Japan’s present electrical architecture
The legal framework for Japan’s energy architecture
The reasons for the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the independent Parliamentary commission for investing the Fukushima nuclear disaster
New nuclear safety framework, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority

The 10 regional electrical power companies and J-Power
Generation capacity by type (water, fossil, nuclear, new energy etc)
Combined industry financials
description and financials for regional electricity operators:
Hokkaido Electric Power Company (Hokuden)
Tohoku Electric Power Company
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
Chubu Electric Power Company
Hokuriku Electric Power Company (Rikuden)
Kansai Electric Power Company (Kanden, KEPCO)
Chugoku Electric Power Company
Shikoku Electric Power Company (Yonden)
Kyushu Electric Power Company
Okinawa Electric Power Company
J-Power Electric Power Company

The grid
The 50Hz/60Hz issue

JEPX – Japan Electrical Power Exchange Tokyo
Impact of the Fukushima disaster
Prospects for electrical industry reform
Asian grid proposals

Japan’s city gas companies
Overview of Japan’s city gas sector
Regional city gas companies
The big-4 gas companies, financial data and analysis
Comparison of Japan’s gas companies and Japan’s regional electricity operators


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