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Reporting Live from the Largest City in the History of Our Species
The original Akihabara News was launched in 2002; it was a tech blog before the world knew what a tech blog was. The site was relaunched in August 2013 and continues to innovate amongst the now crowded field of Japan-centric, tech-focused online journalism. AkihabaraNews' original advantage, however, remains: location, location, location.

Our Tokyo-based team is ideally placed to bring you the latest in Japan & Asia tech news, the cool and the cultural. Our privileged, personal relationships with major industry players allow us to offer previews, reviews and interviews found nowhere else. AkihabaraNews has boots on the ground reporting on Japan, from Japan - bringing an angle most tech outlets cannot offer.


We prepare original reports, collect HD multimedia, and publish podcasts covering a wide range of consumer tech products, projects, and large-scale industry developments. To stay ahead and dialed-in to Japan and Asia tech news, readers can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and subscribe to our active YouTube channel.

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AkihabaraNews is owned by WIXI, Inc., a Tokyo-based Internet domain business. It is the company's lone publishing property and functions independently with full editorial freedom.