NTT-NEC Alliance on ICT Products

NEC (Tokyo) — NTT Corporation and NEC Corporation today agreed to form a capital and business alliance for the purpose of joint research and development and the global rollout of ICT products utilizing innovative optical and wireless technologies. The companies aim to improve their corporate value by expanding sales of products applying jointly developed technologies through this alliance. In addition, through these initiatives, the companies will contribute to enhancing industrial competitiveness of Japan and further ensuring safe and reliable communication infrastructure, playing leading roles in working with numerous communication equipment vendors.

Looking ahead into the world of Society 5.0 and post Covid-19, social and industrial digital transformation is accelerating, and communications infrastructure, which is the foundation for connecting vast amounts of data that connect people and things, is expected to increase capacity and become more sophisticated. This communication infrastructure is also required to be more safe and reliable as a core infrastructure. Such trends are common in countries around the world, and various players have entered the field as they conduct business activities globally.

Under these circumstances, NTT is promoting innovative research and development that promotes transformation of the world based on its medium-term management strategy, “Your Value Partner 2025.” Specifically, NTT has launched its IOWN initiative as a future research and development vision, and is working with global partners on innovation through, among others, developing game-changing technology.

NEC is focusing its efforts on solutions for society, and creating new business models and services through co-creation with various partners, utilizing network technologies such as 5G and digital technologies, including AI, biometrics, and security.

Through this alliance, NTT and NEC will jointly develop cutting-edge technologies and globally competitive products that utilize both companies’ strengths and originate from Japan, as they collaboratively form an optimal sales framework in order to further roll out such technologies and products to the global market.

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