NTT Building eSports Facility in Akihabara

By Talicia Marie Stewart

Akihabara News (Tokyo) — NTT group companies are coming together to build Japan’s first-ever multi-purpose esports facility, fittingly located right in the heart of Akihabara.

Six companies are involved in the project, NTT East, NTT West, NTT Advertising, NTT Urban Solutions, SKY Perfect JSAT, and Taito. They have already raiser over ¥300 million in capital for the project.

The new company launched today, which is named NTTe-Sports, will include high-tech systems like 5G ultrahigh-speed wireless communications networks and Artificial Intelligence in order to effectively run e-sport tournaments. Located in Akihabara UDX, NTTe-Sports is anticipating a high turn around and expects to achieve yearly sales of ¥4 billion yen by 2025.

NTTe-Sports will operate esports facilities and distribute video content. It will also be working with large industry players in order to expand interest in esports in Japan. The cosponsoring of events such as “Fighting Gods Festival 2020—World Championship of Arcade” is already on its agenda. They also plan to introduce, drive, and sustain esports development in educational institutions. They also seek overseas collaboration with partners who are making big waves in the industry.

Leveraging the NTT group’s communications technology and event managing expertise, NTTe-Sports aims to support local governments in fields like training personnel and organizing esports events and tournaments.

With esports viewership set to surpass even the NFL by 2021, and the use of landline telephones decreasing each year, NTT is looking in new directions. NTTe-Sports will start practical operations and streaming services in July.

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