Nissan’s Sustainable Mobility Project in Fukushima

Akihabara News (Tokyo) — Nissan has begun field tests for its new mobility services in a joint partnership with three local governments and eight companies to help promote sustainable communities.

The joint project, based in the Hamadori area of Fukushima Prefecture, is developing new transportation options that promote the use of renewable energy. These efforts will help “develop a revitalized, resilient, and sustainable low-carbon community,” according to Nissan.

The tests include an electric shuttle that runs in a high frequency loop around the center of Namie, a town made famous by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of 2011. The shuttles operate using roadside mobility hubs that can also connect to personal vehicles. An autonomous vehicle route around central Namie has also been tested. Both passenger and cargo transport are supported by the route.

To further the goal of sustainability, the partnership is also set to develop an energy management system which uses rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles.

To revitalize the local community, the companies plan to cooperate on programs related to tourism as well. They also aim to increase power supplies in case of future disasters.

In a related development, the Nissan Note e-Power has surpassed 20,000 units in sales, more than doubling its original monthly sales target of 8,000 vehicles. The new vehicle is equipped with the electric powertrain engine and has been well received due to its smooth acceleration, stable deceleration control, and the quiet environment within its cabin.

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