Ninja Works Drones Come Out of the Shadows

Akihabara News (Tokyo) — Ninja Works, the self-proclaimed “Number One Drone Platform,” will be appearing at the 2021 Smart Agriculture Fair in Osaka from Wednesday to Friday this week.

The firm, which specializes in utilizing technology to solve agricultural problems, has recently listed its Cloud Ninja Works investment initiative to the Agri Week Osaka official website. This opportunity features the company’s two main products, the No. 1 Drone Platform agricultural drone and the Cloud Ninja Works IT solution.

Ninja Works is seeking venues to hold demonstrations of its drones spraying pesticides. The event will include a drone experience session.

Pesticide and fertilizer spraying is the firm’s main service, and it is performed by about sixty active pilots based out of sixteen stations nationwide. The company has recently reached the milestone of owning sixty-five drones. It claims to have the largest network of available drone pilots in the Japan.

Aside from its spraying business, Ninja Works is also involved in operating the Ninja Robot Farm, a mechanized organic farming project. This farm is monitored by a device called Farmo, which can ascertain the water level of any area of the farm at any given moment. These readings can be sent to smartphones or tablets.

The Ninja Robot Farm is also notable for its Weed Man, which the company hails as the industry’s first weeding machine that can operate over all kinds of farmland. Drones are used for soil analysis and radio-controlled hovercraft can also be used for paddy weeding.

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