KDDI to Promote Telecom Infra Project

KDDI (Tokyo) — To accelerate telecom innovations and next generation’s Network Infrastructures technologies development, KDDI Corporation is joining Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

TIP was founded in 2016 by Facebook, Nokia, Intel, Deutsche Telekom, EE, and a number of other operators with the aim of developing open technologies and designs that would reduce telecommunication network development costs, thereby advancing telecommunication infrastructure. More specifically, TIP focuses on all elements of the network including access, transport, core & services, and through its project groups, TIP’s members design, build, test and deployment of standards-based, open and disaggregated network solutions.

Hundreds of companies and organizations have joined TIP so far, including , telecommunication companies and service providers, technology providers, developers, integrators, startups, and a range of other entities inside and outside the traditional telecommunications space.

This time, to further accelerate telecom innovations and develop networks that engage new technologies, the two parties will launch initiatives on the following two matters.

First, in spring 2020, KDDI will open TIP Community Lab in Tokyo, a development and verification center to accelerate telecom innovations for TIP.

The TIP Community Lab will be a development and verification center for TIP members to openly discuss the configurations and specifications of the hardware and software used for (access, transport and core) features that constitute communication networks, and develop technologies efficiently and at low cost. Currently there are twelve TIP Community Labs in seven countries around world. KDDI’s TIP Community Lab will be the first site in Japan.

In time for the launch of the TIP Community Lab, and together with KDDI Research, Inc., KDDI will also start evaluating transport facilities that will be based on disaggregated solutions.

TIP Board Member, Aaron Bernstein, commented: “We are delighted that KDDI has joined TIP and will work together with the organization to establish the first TIP Community Lab in Japan and the thirteenth lab in the world. The Community Labs are a core component of TIP’s development model, where members come together to build and test new technologies and share what is learned from their respective organizations; reimagining the way networks are developed and deployed.”

Second, KDDI will be co-leading a new sub-group within TIP’s Open Optical Packet Transport project group in spring 2020. The new initiative will be called Disaggregated Open Routers (DOR) and will focus on open and disaggregation routing platforms for transport networks, and will drive technological development toward white-box equipment for backbone networks.

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