Foundation: 2010

Headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo

Founder & CEO: Takeshi Hakamada


ispace is a Japanese startup aiming to colonize the moon in the coming years and decades. Its annual income is unknown.

News Timeline



-ispace announces that it raised about US$4.8 million in an extension round of Series B funding. Total funding raised by ispace by this date is about US$129.6 million.

-ispace opens its Mission Control Center for its commercial lunar exploration program Hakuto-R in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. This location was chosen due to its accessibility to wide variety of companies and to the general public.

-NASA announces it has awarded contracts to ispace to acquire regolith from the lunar surface to be purchased by the space agency, the first-ever commercial transaction for the collection of lunar resources.


-ispace opens an office in Colorado, United States, in preparation to create a lunar lander development site by the end of the year.

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