IHI Teams with Queensland on Green Hydrogen

Akihabara News (Tokyo) — Engineering firm IHI Corporation and Queensland state-owned power producer CS Energy are teaming up on the construction of a demonstration plant to produce hydrogen using solar power.

The production of green hydrogen is a key step towards making hydrogen-powered vehicles the environmentally friendly technology that they are purported to be. Even if the hydrogen vehicles themselves produce no carbon emissions, the conventional production process for the hydrogen fuel, so-called “brown” hydrogen, does routinely contribute to global warming.

The Kogan Hydrogen Demonstration Project is expected to produce and sell green hydrogen from a base located northwest of Brisbane, next to Kogan Creek power station site, in partnership with CS Energy.

Kogan Hydrogen Demonstration Project will have a solar photovoltaic system, a battery energy storage system, an electrolyzer, and fuel cells to produce and sell green hydrogen to the Australian market through the grid.

This project is separate from both the Global LH2 Consortium unveiled in December, which teams Iwatani Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Fortescue Metals Group in the green hydrogen business; as well as Sumitomo Corporation’s green hydrogen project in the city of Gladstone, also in Queensland.

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