Ghostbusters in the Park

Sony (Tokyo) — Ginza Sony Park’s 11th experimental program #011 Ghostbusters in the Park begins on October 12 (Sat), 2019. Commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters, this program will be packed with excitement featuring the legendary team that has inspired legions of fans since making their original debut 35 years ago.

Revisit old memories and discover new ones as technology and entertainment collide for a “chemical reaction” you won’t want to miss. Exterminate ghosts in augmented reality (AR) with the Ghostbusters Rookie Training demo making its Japan debut. These attractions and more will be waiting for you at Ghostbusters in the Park.

Ghostbusters Rookie Training: Be a member of the Ghostbusters! Led by trainers, participants walk about Ginza Sony Park working together to exterminate ghosts that appear throughout the venue in this new attraction making its demo debut in Japan. Experience being a Ghostbuster with an entirely new sense of immersion, equipped with a number of tools including an AR device (prototype) that utilizes the latest in augmented reality technology. Those who participate in this demo will also receive a nice present.

Caution: This activity will be conducted entirely in Japanese, and there will not be any language interpretation available. The application page and consent form are also only in Japanese. While participation is open to everyone, the activities rely heavily on instructions and team communication, so please kindly bear this in mind when considering whether to apply. We appreciate your understanding.

Location: Ginza Sony Park, B3 Level

October 12 (Sat) – December 8 (Sun), 2019

Two to four sessions are planned for each day. Please check the starting times for each session when you apply. Each session will last roughly 60 minutes, including the questionnaire and other formalities.

Application Window (Japanese)

Promotional Video: Ghostbusters in the Park

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