Thanko - Smartphone Microscope to magnify 100X high-quality images

Your smartphone will turn into a digital microscope with Thanko's new Smartphone Microscope.

It is very easy to use. What you have to do is just attach the Smartphone Microscope with the accompanying clip onto any smartphone or iPhone and then you can view a magnified image of an object through the smartphone's screen. It can zoom from 60X up to 100X.

Headless Robot Chasing a Laser Pointer (is so dang cute) -

CUTE: Headless Robot Chasing a Laser Pointer

[microCAST upload pending]

We hate to use the word ‘cute’ when discussing robotics, but…

Come on now...just have a watch and tell us that ain’t the case. You can’t. Unless you’re mean, uptight, and cold, cold of heart.