Superconductivity, ultrasound, microbubbles, and mechanical dynamics

At Keio University, the Sugiura Laboratory, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Science and Technology) is investigating various phenomena through analysis and experiment. These phenomena involve coupling between electromagnetics and mechanical dynamics, as well as nonlinear dynamics. Currently, the researchers are focusing on three topics. The first is nonlinear oscillations in superconductive magnetic suspension systems. In such systems, objects are levitated, so energy loss due to friction is very low.

JVC Kenwood - Earphones with suction disk

JVC Kenwood is going to release new earphones model HA-FX19 in early October.

The accompanying cord holder is interesting. It has a suction disk so that you can attach it to the back of a smartphone or music player to allow you to carry it around easier and protect the cord from getting tangled in your bag.

HA-FX19 has a 9mm neodymium driver unit and 3 different sizes of silicon ear pieces come with it.

Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! -

Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

This week it looks like India is going to add Japanese train tech to their cart even though the pirated Chinese knock-offs oooops we mean "models" are cheaper, and here at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has introduced a new company, Shinra Technologies, which they hope will kill all gaming hardware...kinda!

Tokyo Game Show 2014: Prelim Observations (GALLERY) -

Tokyo Game Show 2014: Prelim Observations (GALLERY)

Very Big Game Show
If you haven't been to Makuhari Messe before, know that 'convention center' doesn't quite do it justice. No, 'stadium' is a closer approximation of the venue's size and footprint on the northeastern edge of Tokyo Bay [MAP], part of the Tokyo Metro Area, but actually in Chiba Prefecture (not far from from Tokyo Disney Land).

Pioneer - The thinnest portable slot load BD drive in the world

Pioneer is going to sell a portable BD/DVD/CD drive for Windows - BDR-XU03J - in late September.

It's currently the world's thinnest slot load Blue-ray Disk drive. The magnesium alloy chassis enables BDR-XU03J to have low noise and dust resistance.

BDR-XU03J supports recording and playing with BDXL disk and supports USB3.0.