Hamee - Gyoza iPhone 6 / 6 Plus case and smartphone stand

Check out how real these Gyoza look!

Now, Gyoza design iPhone6 / iPhone 6 Plus cases and smartphone stand are available by Hamee.

They are products made in collaboration with an official gyoza organization and extremely detailed. The crunchy parts of the Gyoza are hand made.

One of the Gyoza on the iPhone case shows inside stuffing that looks so juicy, and the sauce of the smartphone stand looks like real liquid goodness.

All 3 items are ¥10,584.

White model will be added to Sony's MILC alpha 6000

Sony announced that they will add a new white model to their mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera - α6000 - on November 28. It will be out for sale as a power zoom lens kit and double zoom lens kit.

α6000 was released on March 14 and its color options were black and silver.