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IN MEMORIAM: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Whatever, Give Props to Ralph Baer!

[Editor's Note: It has been confirmed that Ralph Baer, the individual most directly responsible for creating the modern gaming console, has passed away at the age of 92. In his honor, we present this piece from 13 months ago, an article written amidst a storm of PS4 and Xbox One back and forth - rather than jump into the debate, welll...this.]

Tokyo Food Review: Ikinari Steak - Standing-Only Japanese Steakhouse

Tokyo Food Review: Ikinari Steak - Standing-Only Japanese Steakhouse

[Editor’s Note: You might have heard about Tokyo’s recent ‘Best City in the World’ cuisine rating. Well, it’s not just the Michelin folks who’re paying attention. AkihabaraNews Contributor Phoebe Amoroso also weighs in on Tokyo’s food scene, and today: MEAT!]


Sharp - Health Cockpit

Sharp has unveiled its latest Health-related technology device - Health Cockpit - at SEMICON Japan 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight.

It is a health measuring system, that the user sits in, that measures a full set of health metrics.  This "chair-type health management device" resembles a premium airline seat and measures:
- Weight (indicated by BMI)
- Blood pressure
- Pulse
- Stress state
- Health of the blood vessels (firmness)

iiyama - Japanese-inspired stylish desktop PC

Unitcom, a Japanese PC retailer, is going to release 9 new iiyama PC-brand Japanese-inspired desktop PC models.

They are created under the theme of Miyabi (雅) which means elegance in Japanese, and they give a high-quality, modern, stylish and sophisticated first impression to users.

MD7 series (Middle Tower):