Thanko - High-power portable headphone amplifier with 5000mAh mobile battery function

Thanko has released a portable device that combines a 5,000mAh mobile battery and 680mw+680mw high-power headphone amplifier for ¥34,800.

Even with high-end headphones, once you connect the headphones to a smartphone or music player, you are not able to hear music in optimum sound quality. The output of those devices cannot maximize the potential of quality headphones.

Thanko - Ultraminiature action camera anywhere you want

Thanko's new miniature camera can be installed anywhere you want.

For example, by attaching it on a radio-controlled plane, glasses, helmet, and even your dog's collar, you can record unique motion movies.

It's able to shoot high-quality 30fps movies (1280×720, H.264 codec) and photos (5200×3900). The motion detection function is perfect when in use as a surveillance camera.

The camera is controllable with the accompanying tiny remote control.

Ralph Baer - Video Game Console Inventor -

IN MEMORIAM: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Whatever, Give Props to Ralph Baer!

[Editor's Note: It has been confirmed that Ralph Baer, the individual most directly responsible for creating the modern gaming console, has passed away at the age of 92. In his honor, we present this piece from 13 months ago, an article written amidst a storm of PS4 and Xbox One back and forth - rather than jump into the debate, welll...this.]