SoftBank to release wireless MIDI music keyboard Miselu C.24

SoftBank announced the release of wireless MIDI music Keyboard C.24 manufactured by an American startup, Miselu.

The keyboard, C.24, is scheduled to be released around the world in January 2015, however, SoftBank is going to exclusively start selling it (500 units only!) on December 16 before the rest of the world!

Earphones with Game Boy-like remote-control microphone

Datel Japan, a game console peripherals manufacturer originally from the UK, is going to release earphones with a Game Boy-shaped remote-control microphone - Retro GB Earphone Mic (DJ-RGBEM-GG) - on December 19.

Just like Game Boy, there is a volume control dial at the side of the Game Boy-like remote-control microphone. There are also other control buttons such as Play/Stop and Mute on it.

Since the accompanying earphones are removable from the microphone part, you can connect other earphones to it.

Rilakkuma Disposable Contact Lenses

A Japanese contact lends company, From-eyes's color contact lens brand "1-DAY Refrear Color" has released disposable contact lenses that have the popular Rilakkuma bear character design on them.

They come in a 10 lense-pack set and are sold for ¥1,800. You can choose ones without prescription or degrees.

Leica to offer exclusive Japan-only "Leica M Monochrome Silver Engrave" Model

Leica Camera Japan announced the release of a Japan-only special model - Leica M Monochrome Silver Engrave - on December 20. Only 30 cameras will be available.

The price is ¥972,000.

Leica M Monochrome, which was released in August 2014, is the world's first interchangeable lens digital camera that is designed to shoot sharp black and white photos. It features an effective 18MP 35mm low-pass filterless and a 2.5-inch monitor. Photos are recorded in RAW and JPEG file formats.

Doraemon-shaped hard boiled egg maker

A cooking tool - Yudetamagokko - that allows you to make a Doramemon-shaped hard boiled egg, will be released on January 30 by Japanese household goods manufacturer Kokubo.

Simply put a peeled hard boiled egg in the tool while it is hot and cool it down for 10 minutes in cold water.

Doraemon's sister, Dorami, will be available on the same day, too.