Automated packaging machine for cardboard mailing envelopes

Innami Factory has developed a new type of automated packaging machine, the Ecomailpack IF-EMP450. This machine automatically packs products into cardboard envelopes for mailing, without needing shock-absorbing material.

"This machine can pack one item every eight seconds, so it can handle 450 items per hour. That number is very high, as a person packing items by hand can only manage about 100 items per hour. So, this machine has about four times the packaging capacity of a person."

McDonald's Japan original red snow crab croquette burger

McDonald's Japan started selling a new "red snow" crab croquette burger on December 17.

It's a Japan-only menu item and will be available for a limited time only until early January. This is the first time for McDonald's Japan to release a burger that includes crab meat.

The red snow crab croquette called Kani Korokke Burger has a creamy crab flavored croquette, lettuce, and tomato sauce sandwiched in Ciabatta buns (Italian white bread).

Sony invented a display module to make your eyewear a wearable device

Sony announced the development of a display module that transforms your eyewear into a wearable device.

They also revealed that they will show the display module and its concept model - SmartEyeglass Attach! - at the 2015 International CES that will be held in Las Vegas in the U.S. beginning Junuary 6.

SoftBank to release wireless MIDI music keyboard Miselu C.24

SoftBank announced the release of wireless MIDI music Keyboard C.24 manufactured by an American startup, Miselu.

The keyboard, C.24, is scheduled to be released around the world in January 2015, however, SoftBank is going to exclusively start selling it (500 units only!) on December 16 before the rest of the world!

Earphones with Game Boy-like remote-control microphone

Datel Japan, a game console peripherals manufacturer originally from the UK, is going to release earphones with a Game Boy-shaped remote-control microphone - Retro GB Earphone Mic (DJ-RGBEM-GG) - on December 19.

Just like Game Boy, there is a volume control dial at the side of the Game Boy-like remote-control microphone. There are also other control buttons such as Play/Stop and Mute on it.

Since the accompanying earphones are removable from the microphone part, you can connect other earphones to it.