Thanko - USB rice ball warming pouch

Thanko made an innovative product for Japanese traditional food, Onigiri (Rice Ball), as a follow-up to their USB warming bento box pouch released last month.

It's a small pouch that a convenience store rice ball will fit into and will make the rice ball warm by connecting to a USB port. The case itself can warm up to 60 degrees celsius, so the rice ball becomes warm enough for eating in 15-30 minutes.


Tokyo Midtown Illumination Animation: Japan is Good at This (VIDEO) -

Tokyo Midtown Illumination Animation: Japan is Good at This (VIDEO)

Holiday Illumination 2014
Tokyo Midtown - Roppongi

From upscale shopping centers to out of the way local grocery stores and business of all sorts (even a few private homes here and there), Tokyo is currently enjoying a very tasteful veneer of light-based holiday spirit.

Tamiya - Kumamon radio-controlled tractor

Tamiya Incorporated, a Japanese radio-controlled cars manufacturer, is going to release the electric radio-controlled car R/C Tractor Kumamon Version. It will be sold as a construction kit for ¥16,200 and as finished goods for ¥30,024.



The Action Camera market is quite the thing at the moment. Ever since Nick Woodman thought it would be a nice idea to capture action shots of his surfing trips and set about creating a little silver box that made him a Hero, companies of every size seem to be bending over backward to put out diminutive cameras that can both take a beating and deliver quality videos of crazy people doing crazy things.

Onkyo - Octagon-shaped 8 inch Windows tablet

Onkyo has started accepting orders of their new octagon-shaped 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet (TW08A-55Z8) today. The price is ¥25,000.

TW08A-55Z8 looks stylish and sharp, and its size is easy to hold with one hand and to fit into the inside pocket of a jacket.