Jingle Bells in Japanese! (VIDEO)

Jingle Bells in Japanese! (VIDEO)

"Jingle Bells" in Japanese

Here the Japanese is both romanized and translated into English - useful for speakers of either language! 

ONE PIECE to become a Kabuki play in the Autumn of 2015

Japanese sub-culture meets Kabuki.

I came across some astonishing news a few days ago. One of the most popular Japanese manga/animation, ONE PIECE, will be a Japanese traditional theatrical performance, Kabuki.

It's right now set for October or November 2015 at the Shinbashi Enbujo theater in Ginza, Tokyo.

Terrie's Take - AkihabaraNews.com

Terrie's Take: Japan's Halal Hurdle (TOURISM EDITION)

Terrie’s Take is a selection of Japan-centric news collected and collated by long-time resident and media business professional Terrie Lloyd. AkihabaraNews is pleased to present Terrie’s learned perspective; we all could use another take on the news - here’s Terrie’s: