REVIEW: Synology DiskStation DS1515+, Love at First Byte!

REVIEW: Synology DiskStation DS1515+, Love at First Byte!


It’s been over a year since we last had the time to put a new NAS unit to the test. Today, the upgrade to Synology's 5-bay dream was left at our doorstep, so what else could we do than take this new DS1515+ powerhouse for a spin?!

New Nike AirMax Design Inspired by Japanese Beetle

3 new Nike AirMax models from their Kabutomushi Collection (AirMax Lunar 1 / AirMax Lunar 90 / AirMax 95) were released on December 28.

Kabutomushi is the Japanese word for a type of beetle. These new models were designed in the image of these Japanese beetles.

All 3 models feature metallic bumpy safari-like patterns, which express the texture and appearance of the insects.

Which is like, you know, pretty cool and stuff.

Cerevo - Bluetooth device SNOW-1 to analyze your snowboarding skills

Cerevo announced the development of a Bluetooth-compliant snowboard binding device called SNOW-1 and they are planning to release it in 2015.

SNOW-1 is a device made to analyze a user's snowboarding skills. It has a Bluetooth communication module and multiple sensors built-in, and after collecting necessary data, it will transfer the data to the user's smartphone on a real-time basis.