OMRON & JINS team up to make smart eyeglasses to detect potential diseases

Omron and Jins have jointly launched a healthcare project using an eyeglass-style wearable device "JINS MEME" that was developed by JINS.

JINS unveiled the JINS MEME device in May 2014 and is planning to release it in spring 2015. Using the built-in 3-point electro-oculography sensor, it detects the user's drowsiness, motivation, body balance and so on, and is able to sync the data on the user's smartphone.

Sony - Headset device for runners "Smart B-Trainer"

Sony unveiled a waterproof headset device aimed at runners - Smart B-Trainer.

It is now displayed at the 2015 International CES that is being currently held in Las Vegas.

Smart B-Trainer supports your training and boosts your motivation to run. It tracks your body move and condition such as cardiac rate and body temperature while running and sends the data to an external device such as a smartphone.

REVIEW: Synology DiskStation DS1515+, Love at First Byte!

REVIEW: Synology DiskStation DS1515+, Love at First Byte!


It’s been over a year since we last had the time to put a new NAS unit to the test. Today, the upgrade to Synology's 5-bay dream was left at our doorstep, so what else could we do than take this new DS1515+ powerhouse for a spin?!

New Nike AirMax Design Inspired by Japanese Beetle

3 new Nike AirMax models from their Kabutomushi Collection (AirMax Lunar 1 / AirMax Lunar 90 / AirMax 95) were released on December 28.

Kabutomushi is the Japanese word for a type of beetle. These new models were designed in the image of these Japanese beetles.

All 3 models feature metallic bumpy safari-like patterns, which express the texture and appearance of the insects.

Which is like, you know, pretty cool and stuff.

Cerevo - Bluetooth device SNOW-1 to analyze your snowboarding skills

Cerevo announced the development of a Bluetooth-compliant snowboard binding device called SNOW-1 and they are planning to release it in 2015.

SNOW-1 is a device made to analyze a user's snowboarding skills. It has a Bluetooth communication module and multiple sensors built-in, and after collecting necessary data, it will transfer the data to the user's smartphone on a real-time basis.