Thanko - Super-rugged iPhone 6 case

A super-rugged iPhone 6/6 Plus case, which is currently available by Thanko, is able to protect your iPhone from getting damaged by water, snow, dust, sand and shock.

It's IP68 waterproof and rustproof so that you have no worries to play with your iPhone with the case, for example, in the bathtub, and at the beach or snowy mountain.  It also protects against the shock of falls of up to 200cm in height.

Thanko - Mobile battery stylus pen

Thanko released a pencil device that can be used in 3 ways: ball-point pen, stylus pen and 800mAh mobile battery.

There is a model for iPhone and one for Android smartphones, and both of them are sold for ¥3,480.


au - INFOBAR A03 - 4.5-inch full HD display smartphone with tricolor aluminum body

au is going to release new smartphone model INFOBAR A03, manufactured by Kyocera, in mid-February.

INFOBAR A03 is made of a curvy aluminum body, 4.5-inch full HD IGZO display (1920x1080), MSM8974AB 2.3GHz (Quad-core), 13MP CMOS camera, 16GB storage, 2GB memory, IPX5/8 waterproof, IP5X dustproof, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GOS, microSDXC (up to 128GB), 2,020mAh battery. It has an original interface called "iida UI"

Robots are the New Mexicans and ActiveRobo SAM is Japan's Newest Mexican

Robots are the New Mexicans and ActiveRobo SAM is Japan's Newest Mexican

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