Japanese KFC to release a non-chicken "hamburg" sandwich

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan is going to start selling a hamburg steak burger - the "Bistro-fu Hamburg Sand" (Bistro-style Hamburg Sandwich) - on February 5.

The Bistro-fu Hamburg Sand contains 70% beef and 30% pork. The patty is sandwiched with lettuce, mushroom, brown sauce, and cheesy mashed potato sauce between whole-wheat buns.

Thanko - Human body temperature warm-hug pillow

Thanko's hug pillow gets warm up to 36 degrees Celsius, which is about the same as the human body temperature.

It comes with a white pillow case, however if you own your favorite 160x50cm-sized pillow case, you could have a better sleep and fun dream.

You can adjust the firmness of the pillow depending on how much air enters it, and also fold it compactly by removing the air.

Thanko seems unable to stop impressing us with the endless supply of awesome.

Suntory - Quality Green Tea Liquor

Suntory is going to release a green tea liquor, Maccha Kaoru Osake, meaning "green tea-scented liquor" in English, on April 7.

In Japan, green tea mixed alcohol drinks are popular and are served at a lot of restaurants/izakaya. So, Suntory decided to make a product to satisfy their customers' requests for ready-made green tea based alcohol drinks to enjoy at home.

NEC - The world's lightest 13.3-inch 2-in-1 PC "LaVie Hybrid ZERO"

NEC announced the release of 926g convertible PC series LaVie Hybrid ZERO, which is currently the lightest 13.3-inch convertible PC in the world.

You can use it as a laptop PC or tablet depending on your intended use. You can rotate the display 360-degrees and easily transform it from laptop style to tablet style.

Elecom - Beautifully shaped "Quill Stylus"

Elecom converted the boring stylus pen into a beautiful quill pen.

Elecom is going to release a quill pen-shaped stylus - Quill Stylus TB-TPLST01 series - in early February.

It looks high-class and could be great for a gift or an interior accessory. A pen stand comes with it so you can keep it just like a real quill pen on your desk.


Bandai - Highly-evolved assembly Gunkeshi (miniature Gundam models)

In 2015, Gunkeshi evolved big time!

Do you know what Gunkeshi is? It's a series of old-school tiny Gundam models made from eraser-like plastic material, which emerged around 1985. At that time, people were able to buy them through Gachapon (toy capsule) machines, and currently some of the rare models are bought and sold at premium prices.