Japanese KFC to release a non-chicken "hamburg" sandwich

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan is going to start selling a hamburg steak burger - the "Bistro-fu Hamburg Sand" (Bistro-style Hamburg Sandwich) - on February 5.

The Bistro-fu Hamburg Sand contains 70% beef and 30% pork. The patty is sandwiched with lettuce, mushroom, brown sauce, and cheesy mashed potato sauce between whole-wheat buns.

Thanko - Human body temperature warm-hug pillow

Thanko's hug pillow gets warm up to 36 degrees Celsius, which is about the same as the human body temperature.

It comes with a white pillow case, however if you own your favorite 160x50cm-sized pillow case, you could have a better sleep and fun dream.

You can adjust the firmness of the pillow depending on how much air enters it, and also fold it compactly by removing the air.

Thanko seems unable to stop impressing us with the endless supply of awesome.