Lemongina from the Orangina brand to be available only in Japan

Suntory, the Japanese retailer of French-born carbonated orange-flavored beverage Orangina, proudly announced the release of new flavor "Lemongina".

Suntory and Orangina Schweppes Group made it together and will release this exclusive drink in Japan for the first time in the world.

Lemongina will only be available at convenience stores in Japan after March 31. You won't be able to get it in France!

Japanese KFC to release a non-chicken "hamburg" sandwich

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan is going to start selling a hamburg steak burger - the "Bistro-fu Hamburg Sand" (Bistro-style Hamburg Sandwich) - on February 5.

The Bistro-fu Hamburg Sand contains 70% beef and 30% pork. The patty is sandwiched with lettuce, mushroom, brown sauce, and cheesy mashed potato sauce between whole-wheat buns.