Casio's Chordana Composer app improvises songs based on a short hummed melody

If you hum for a duration of 2 musical bars, Casio's new iOS application - Chordana Composer - will automatically make a whole song based on the melody.

It's compatible with iPhone (iPhone 5/6/6 Plus), iPad, and iPod touch.

Without knowledge of composition, you can write an original song. Using 2-bar singing, whistling, or humming, Chordana Composer will improvise music for you.

Mitsuoka Motors - Himiko 2015 model convertible - Only 15 will be available

Mitsuoka Motors is going to release a premium model for 2015 of their 2-seater convertible car Mitsuoka Himiko on January 30. They are limited to only 15 cars.

Himiko is made based on the third-generation Mazda MX-5 Roadster, and it is a beautiful car with a retro and edgy pioneering look.

The 2015 year model offers 36 colors for its exterior and 6 colors for a 2-tone Wrapping Option as an accent color.