Elecom - Beautifully shaped "Quill Stylus"

Elecom converted the boring stylus pen into a beautiful quill pen.

Elecom is going to release a quill pen-shaped stylus - Quill Stylus TB-TPLST01 series - in early February.

It looks high-class and could be great for a gift or an interior accessory. A pen stand comes with it so you can keep it just like a real quill pen on your desk.


Bandai - Highly-evolved assembly Gunkeshi (miniature Gundam models)

In 2015, Gunkeshi evolved big time!

Do you know what Gunkeshi is? It's a series of old-school tiny Gundam models made from eraser-like plastic material, which emerged around 1985. At that time, people were able to buy them through Gachapon (toy capsule) machines, and currently some of the rare models are bought and sold at premium prices.

Fujitsu - LIFEBOOK GH77/T - Hybrid desktop/ laptop/ tablet

Fujitsu announced the development of the innovative style PC LIFEBOOK GH77/T and will release it for about ¥240,000 on January 23.

LIFEBOOK GH77/T consists of 2 parts; a 15.6-inch full HD display and a stand that contains the PC functionalities.

What is it exactly? It's a new style product that is hard to identify as a laptop or desktop. All the computing functionality is placed in the stand so that it cannot be called a tablet, either.

Panasonic - Digital camera smartphone LUMIX CM1

Panasonic is going to release new digital camera LUMIX CM1 that can also be used as a SIM-free Android 4.4 smartphone (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor).

It will be available for about ¥120,000 on March 12 in a limited quantity - 2,000 units ONLY.

Thanko - Super-rugged iPhone 6 case

A super-rugged iPhone 6/6 Plus case, which is currently available by Thanko, is able to protect your iPhone from getting damaged by water, snow, dust, sand and shock.

It's IP68 waterproof and rustproof so that you have no worries to play with your iPhone with the case, for example, in the bathtub, and at the beach or snowy mountain.  It also protects against the shock of falls of up to 200cm in height.