KenkoTokina - Blurry-making "Lensbaby" tilt lenses

KenkoTokina is going to release 2 new tilt lenses from their Lensbaby series. They make flowing artistic blurs when they are tilted.

Lensbaby Composer Pro Edge 80

It features an Edge 80 Optic lens with 80 mm focal length, and it is compatible with the Canon EF and Nikon F mount.

SanDisk - USB Drive for iPhone and iPad

SanDisk is going to release a USB drive for iPhone and iPad, called "iXpand Flash Drive".  

The iXpand Flash Drive is equipped with a USB connector and Lightning connector. Using an iXpand sync application, when inserted in iPhone/iPad, iXpand Flash Drive, it synchronizes the saved photos and movies.

It supports MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV and AVI movie files, and you can also play an externally-saved movie on iPhone/iPad.

Casio's Chordana Composer app improvises songs based on a short hummed melody

If you hum for a duration of 2 musical bars, Casio's new iOS application - Chordana Composer - will automatically make a whole song based on the melody.

It's compatible with iPhone (iPhone 5/6/6 Plus), iPad, and iPod touch.

Without knowledge of composition, you can write an original song. Using 2-bar singing, whistling, or humming, Chordana Composer will improvise music for you.