Mouse Computer - Desktop PC "MDV For Photo" for professional photographers

Mouse Computer designed a desktop PC "MDV For Photo" series with professional photographers as the end-user in mind. They will release it on February 23.

MDV For Photo is good at image data import, saving, quick photo-retouching and color matching. It equips a built-in 32GB memory, dual drive storage (SSD/HDD), USB3.0-compliant card reader, and 3.5-inch removable HDD bay.

Mitsubishi Electric to release vacuum with air purifier functionality

Mitsubishi Electric is releasing a fancy cordless vacuum cleaner with an air purifier function built-in (iNSTICK HC-VXE20P) on March 1.

The air purifier is where the charging station of the vacuum is. It is able to purify a Japanese 8-mat room (about 14 square meters) in 51 minutes.

It takes 2 hours (regular mode) or 70 minutes (rapid mode) for the vacuum to be fully charged. Battery life of the vacuum is 20 minutes (regular mode) or 10 minutes (strong mode).


Sony - Bluetooth headphones supporting new LDAC codec

Sony is going to release new Bluetooth headphones MDR-1ABT for about ¥40,000 on March 21.

MDR-1ABT is compatible with Sony's newly-developed codec, LDAC. Since it is capable of transmitting information volume 3 times greater than regular SBC/A2DP codecs via Bluetooth, it produces high quality wireless sound.