Meet the AQUOS K Android Flip Phone: No Touchscreen! No Google Play!

Meet the AQUOS K Android Flip Phone: No Touchscreen! No Google Play!

The Nostalgia is Strong with This One

Yes, feature and flip phones are still widely available in Japan (not huge sellers these days), but we’re pretty sure this is first time anyone’s bothered to shoehorn Google’s Android OS into a device that doesn’t even have a touchscreen.

Terrie's Take -

Terrie's Take: Japanese Snowbirds! (TOURISM EDITION)

Terrie’s Take is a selection of Japan-centric news collected and collated by long-time resident and media business professional Terrie Lloyd. AkihabaraNews is pleased to present Terrie’s learned perspective; we all could use another take on the news - here’s Terrie’s:

Mazda introduces the 4th-generation Roadster to their fans

Mazda is having a series of fan events for their 4th-generation Roadster called "Mazda Roadster THANKS DAY in JAPAN 2nd" in various cities around Japan.

The events are about the new Roadster that is planned to be released in July 2015. Participants can check out the prototype and have a test ride, and also there is a talk session by the developers.

Thanko - Hammock Foot Rest

Feel a vacation under your feet.

Sitting at the desk all day gives you swollen legs. You somehow start feeling tired and get distracted although you are just sitting down.

If you are annoyed by that situation, you might want to try Thanko's new hammock-style foot rest. Simply hook it on the desk and it's ready to use.  Place your feet on it and it will make your feet relaxed while you do desk work.

Mouse Computer - Desktop PC "MDV For Photo" for professional photographers

Mouse Computer designed a desktop PC "MDV For Photo" series with professional photographers as the end-user in mind. They will release it on February 23.

MDV For Photo is good at image data import, saving, quick photo-retouching and color matching. It equips a built-in 32GB memory, dual drive storage (SSD/HDD), USB3.0-compliant card reader, and 3.5-inch removable HDD bay.