Y!mobile to release Japan's first in-vehicle Wi-Fi router

Y!mobile announced the release of Huawei's in-vehicle Wi-Fi router (404HW)

The Device goes on sale March 26.

The 404HW will be Japan's first in-vehicle Wi-Fi router. Just by inserting it into a cigarette socket, you are able to have a Wi-Fi environment in your car. It even allows you to charge an external device such as a smartphone through the router using a USB cable.

Live action movie Attack on Titan unveils its first teaser

The first teaser for the live action Attack on Titan movie was unveiled.

The official 30 second teaser was aired on some TV shows in Japan this morning, but it hasn't yet been uploaded on the official website for the movie.

Although there is no clean movie trailer available yet, someone posted footage from one of the TV shows on Youtube. Check it out and you can watch the teaser after 58 seconds.