Pepper Robot to offer concierge service at Mizuho Bank

SoftBank's humanoid, emotion-sensing, rather talkative Pepper Robot will start offering concierge service at Mizuho Bank, one of the Japan's major banks, in July 2015.

Pepper the robot, as a system, is intended to eventually have its own app store, of a sort, and right out of the gate, SoftBank Robotics is going to add a special app for Mizuho Bank.

Next-generation smart networks and ways to connect them

As part of a project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology, the University has started an innovative research project involving the industrial, government, and academic sectors. This project is called the Keio Innovation Foundry, or KIF. Its participants have formed a consortium, to co-develop technologies from the Faculty of Science and Technology that are close to having commercial applications. The aim is to pursue a diverse range of joint research, with lively interchange among researchers in all three sectors.

Multi-layer printed circuit board analysis system using X-ray equipment

At the Manufacturing Business Matching Fair, Applied Vision Systems displayed its multi-layer printed circuit board analysis system, which uses X-ray equipment. Currently in development with support from the government, this system uses stereo X-ray imaging to make three-dimensional measurements. This allows separate mapping of each pattern layer within a multi-layer PCB.

Sony - 2 converter lens models for E-mount FE 28mm F2 lens

Sony is going to release 2 converter lens models, which are made exclusively for the E-mount FE 28mm F2 SEL28F20 lens of their DSLR camera α series.

The Ultra Wide Converter (SEL075UWC) will be out on April 17, and the Fisheye Converter (SEL057FEC) will be out on May 22.

Ultra Wide Converter (SEL075UWC)

Development of Novel Sensing Materials and Chemical Sensors with Broad Medical Applications

Suzuki & Citterio Laboratory is part of the Department of Applied Chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University and focused on research into developing new sensing materials and chemical sensors.

Not limiting themselves to analytical chemistry, which is their field of specialization, they also refer to other disciplines including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry, merging these technologies to develop highly practical chemical sensors.