Canon to introduce new EF50mm F1.8 STM lens

Canon is going to release new interchangeable lens - EF50mm F1.8 STM - for their EOS cameras in late May.

The new EF50mm F1.8 STM lens is a successor model to the EF50mm F1.8 II, Canon's longtime popular EF lens - 25 years since it was released in December, 1990.  The old model consistently sold approximately 70,000 units per month around the world.

Lifelike means of communication using robots with artificial intelligence

At Keio University, the Imai Laboratory, in the Department of Information and Computer Science (Faculty of Science and Technology), is doing three research projects to make communication easier. These projects involve robots with artificial intelligence, telepresence robots, and technology for attaching sensors to people to make computers easier to use.