Seiko - Solar atomic watch with new skin-care "Comfotex titanium" technology


Seiko is going to release 9 new models of solar atomic watches that include skin-care "Comfotex titanium" technology as standard from their "Seiko Brightz" series. 6 models are ¥126,000 and the remaining 3 models are ¥105,000.

"Comfotex titanium" is a new spec that applies Seiko's unique technology to the material and surface treatment for comfort improvement. These new watches are light, metallic allergy-friendly and hard to harm your skin. It has a luxurious design combining the best comfort and coolness.


Trinity - Lightning connector compliant key-shaped USB charging adapter

Trinity - Lightning connector compliant key-shaped USB charging adapter


"Kii", a key-shaped USB charging adapter for devices with a Lightning connector, manufactured by America's Bluelounge Design will be out on September 25 from Trinity.

You will not be bothered by your charger's tangled cord in your bag anymore. With the accompanying double-ring, you can put "Kii" and your actual keys together to make it easy to carry around. The connector gets locked in when the cap is put on.

Price: ¥4,980
Color: Black, White




Evangelion  audio-technica  Limited edition inner-ear type headphone

Evangelion x audio-technica - Limited edition inner-ear type headphone


King Record, a Japanese record company, is going to release the Evangelion x audio-technica collaborated limited edition inner-ear type headphone "A.T.EVA HQ-3.0" on December 20.

The price is ¥23,800. It comes with a compact player "PLAYBUTTON" that includes an unreleased song and also an original t-shirt (Size: small/medium/large). The color of the t-shirt varies depending on the distribution store. EVA STORE offers a black version and Nippon Television offers a light blue version.

Photo by Nippon Television

Casio Releases G-SHOCK New Era Collaboration Model

Casio is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches in a third collaborative release with globally renowned headwear manufacturer New Era. The new limited-edition model, GA-110NE-9A also celebrates the deep heritage of performance synonymous with these iconic brands.