Brutal disruption of Japan’s game markets

Japan’s top 9 iconic game companies, Nintendo, Sony, Sega-Sammy, Bandai-Namco, Konami, Takara-Tomy, Square-Enix, Capcom, Tecmo-Koei created much of the world’s games markets, and many of the world’s most loved game characters.
They are now seeing brutal disruption.

With the Financial Year ending March 31, 2013, for the first time, just three Japanese newcomers (GREE, DeNA and GungHo) achieved higher operating income than all top 9 Japanese iconic incumbent game makers:

JTFF - Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! -

Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

This week it’s J-Tech by-proxy, tertiary; Japan’s tentacles extend way out into the global tech economy, and they have to: 1.8% of humanity doesn’t get into the global top 3 without investing in Indian labor, marketing to Africa, and getting in o

au by KDDI - 2013 Winter line-up for "au +1 collection"


At au's 2013 winter product rollout on October 2nd, 6 new smartphones were unveiled and its CEO Takashi Tanaka explained the reason why they decided to have so many smartphone options: "Our previous season's rollout didn't give customers the freedom of choice".

And, along with hope for more smartphone use by their customers, they announced a lot of accessories and devices to help their customers maximize their smartphone experience. You can buy some of the world's most talked-about devices at au as well.

Princeton - Remote control iPhone/iPad/iPod touch camera


Princeton Technology is going to release a remote control for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch cameras - "PIP-CR1" - on October 18.

The device can be separated into two parts. The smaller part is a receiver, which you use by inserted into the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch earphone jack. When you take a photo, use the other part as a remote control.

Estimated price: ¥1,980
Color: Black, White
Compatible OS: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch of iOS 5.0 or later


Synched gears interlock at 4,500 rpm on a state of the art servo system


These three gears, rotating at 4,500 rpm, are completely in sync, and are running on an AC servo system developed by Mitsubishi Electric.

"Here we're demonstrating how even if three gears overlap like this, they can be completely prevented from interfering, by moving them with exactly the same timing. This can be done because the motors are controlled with micron-level accuracy. So, there's no interference, even when they're running at such high speed."