JVC Kenwood - New 40mm driver built-in headphone


JVC Kenwood is going to release the newly developed 40mm driver featuring a flat carbon nanotube diaphragm built-in over-ear stereo headphone "HA-S680" in mid-October.

It features "Dynamic Port" that enhances the reproducibility of bass sound.
102dB/1mW output sound pressure level, 8Hz~26kHz frequency band and 32Ω impedance.

It's a 2-way foldaway headphone (Compact/Flat), which makes it easy to take anywhere. 3 colors are available: black, red and white. The price will be around ¥6,000.


Elecom - The world's smallest Wi-Fi router compatible with IEEE802.11ac


Elecom is going to release the world's smallest Wi-Fi router "WDC-433SU2M" series in early October. It weights only 2g (W14.9xL18.5xH7.1mm).

It's compatible with the latest wireless standard "IEEE802.11ac", which enables Max. 433Mbps high-speed communication.

You can download the driver software from Elecom's website, which means you can install it with a device that is not compatible with CD-ROM such as Ultrabook.

Price: ¥3,192 (including tax)
Color: black, white



Akihabaranews - Diginfo - Toto bedside flushable toilet

Bedside Flushable Toilet from Toto

Toto has developed a Bedside Flushable Toilet, for use by people who are disabled, elderly or infirm.

With the development of this product, it's possible for flushable toilets to be put exactly where they are needed, independent of the layout of the building. Because the toilet is not fixed in place, it can be moved in line with the needs of the user, reducing the workload of caregivers and giving more independence to people who need care.

Sony - Improved 160g digital book reader from the "Reader" series

Sony - Improved 160g digital book reader from the "Reader" series

From Sony's digital book reader, "Reader" Series, new model "PRS-T3S" in 3 colors (black, red and white) will be out on October 4.

It has a 6-inch display (756x1024 dots). The resolution became 60% better than the previous model (600x800 dots). The book reader without a cover weighs only 160g, which makes it the lightest book reader in Japan. The backside has a microSD/SDSC slot.

Tokyo Virtual Circuit - Racing-Spec Porsche 996 GT3 Simulator

Tokyo Virtual Circuit - Racing-Spec Porsche 996 GT3 Simulator

When race car drivers need a little extra practice or when driving enthusiasts want to really let it fly and feel what pushing their car to the limit on a real racing circuit feels like, what do they do?  In Japan, they go to Tokyo Virtual Circuit in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.