Princeton - Remote control iPhone/iPad/iPod touch camera


Princeton Technology is going to release a remote control for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch cameras - "PIP-CR1" - on October 18.

The device can be separated into two parts. The smaller part is a receiver, which you use by inserted into the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch earphone jack. When you take a photo, use the other part as a remote control.

Estimated price: ¥1,980
Color: Black, White
Compatible OS: iPhone/iPad/iPod touch of iOS 5.0 or later


Synched gears interlock at 4,500 rpm on a state of the art servo system


These three gears, rotating at 4,500 rpm, are completely in sync, and are running on an AC servo system developed by Mitsubishi Electric.

"Here we're demonstrating how even if three gears overlap like this, they can be completely prevented from interfering, by moving them with exactly the same timing. This can be done because the motors are controlled with micron-level accuracy. So, there's no interference, even when they're running at such high speed." - au by KDDI - 2013 winter rollout

au by KDDI - 2013 winter rollout - more products than expected were introduced

au by KDDI had its 2013 winter product rollout on October 2, 2013, at Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

The presentation by au's CEO Takashi Tanaka began with the accident that his remote control for his presentation didn't work. It was an ominous beginning as au had run into a few network failure issues throughout the year but Mr. Tanaka took it in stride and joked that he hoped it would be the last failure this year.

GoPro HERO3+

"GoPro HERO3+" was revealed and will be available in Japan in November


Woodman Labs, Inc. unveiled the new GoPro model "GoPro HERO3+" on October 1 2013, and its exclusive Japanese agent, Tajima Motor Corporation, announced that they are planning to release "GoPro HERO3+" in November in Japan.

"GoPro HERO3+" features 40m waterproof housing, is 20% smaller and is able to continuously shoot 20% longer compared with previous models.

The flagship model called "HERO3+ Black Edition" offers you new modes "Super View" and "Auto-low light". "HERO3+ Silver Edition" enables you to shoot 1080P-60 and 720P-120.