Panasonic - LUMIX DMC-GX8 with 20.3MP sensor and powerful image stabilizer

From Panasonic's LUMIX series, new mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera - LUMIX DMC-GX8 - will be out for sale on August 20.

The DMC-GX8 features a newly-developed 20M Live Mos Sensor (effective 20.3M) which has better performance in reducing noise during high-sensitivity photography, and the world's first 6-control image stabilization system called Dual I.S. (2-axis in the lens and 4-axis in the body).

Casio - 60fps continuous shooting-enabled EX-100F digital camera

Casio is going to release a new EX-100F digital camera from the EXILIM series on August 21.

Based on the previous EX-100 camera (released in March 2014), Casio added 60fps high-speed continuous shooting performance to the new EX-100F and made it a flagship model. The price will be around ¥83,000.


Join the development of Evangelion smartphone

As a project to celebrate Evangelion's 20th anniversary, a group to develop a SIM-unlocked Evangelion smartphone called エヴァンゲリオンスマートフォン開発委員会 (Evangelion Smartphone Kaihatsu Iinkai) was set up.